Puja Homa

It is very well known fact that whenever we, the human beings are in any type of trouble we look for some superior power or a force to help us and get rid us out of the problem. Now what can be a better solution for this than the almighty God who himself has created us.

It is for this very purpose that our ancient sages developed a way to communicate and convey our problems to almighty God for getting rid of our problems or seek the divine blessings to save us from impending problems via certain specific procedures which are known as  Puja and Homas.

Ayusha Puja

This homam is done to worship the god of life (Ayur Devatha ). By doing this homam, one gets long life blessings from Ayur Devatha. If a child is... More 

Janamdivas Puja

Birthday is the one of the most important day in ones life. Birthday puja is done on the date of birth and recommended for everyone for happy long life.... More 

Santan Gopalam Puja

Children are nature's gift for the happiness of a family. When a native is devoid of a child, the life becomes hell. The peace of mind in spite of having... More 

Hanuman Puja

Hanuman Pooja is really beneficial for all those who want to attain strength, wisdom and knowledge. The worship of Shri Hanuman ji, the monkey God cures... More 

Maha Mrityunjay Puja

Mrithyumjaya Homam helps to mitigate the dangers to life due to accidents and serious ills. This also helps in removing evil effects of enemies( Sathru... More 

Uma Maheshwar Puja

Uma Maheshwari Puja is for long and happy married life. Uma (Goddess Parvathi the wife of Lord Shiva) and Lord Shiva Puja is performed as they are... More 

Brihaspati Puja

It is reputed as the father of every living thing. The worship of Jupiter grants pure, aesthetic life and good health & wealth. Also those running... More 

Budh Puja

Those who are weak at studies, lack concentration and suffer from blood pressure and sugar problem etc., should worship Budha. Also those running Mercury... More 

Chandra Puja

For concentration, mental peace, pleasing personality, control of emotions and to get rid of mental depression one should worship the moon god. Also those... More 

Ketu Puja

Ketu Puja is dedicated to God Ketu . It's Puja  gives a person courage to fight the illness and gives peace of mind during the periods and sub-periods... More 

Mangal Puja

If giving bad results, needs to be propitiated well. It is one of those planets that give very visible positive or negative results. We will inform... More 

Navgrah Puja

The NAVAGRAHA POOJA is important as the planets are considered to play a major role in deciding the destiny of man. All the nine grahas (planets) have the... More