Power Pendants

These Malas magnify the individual effect of the rudraksha beads to create powerful combinations to achieve health, wealth, happiness and fulfillment of desires

Power Pendants
Pendant for Career Power

This is another very powerful combination with combination of 2 mukhi , 4 mukhi , 6 mukhi. Wearing this pendant ensures good career and progress.... More 

Pendant of Lakshmi Ganesha

The Lakshmi Ganesh Pendant is created with the combination of Two beads of Seven Mukhi and one bead of eight Mukhi representing Maa Lakshmi and Lord... More 

Pendant for Business Luck

This is a combination of 7 mukhi , 10 mukhi and 12 mukhi. This is for success in business and private/public service and for increasing material wealth and... More 

Pendant for Fitness

This miraculous Rudraksha Pendent help to maintain physical fitness of the wearer. It comprises of : 3 mukhi Rudraksha represents the Fire God & it is... More 

Pendant for Hanuman Shakti

Hanuman Pendant is one of the form of Lord Hanuman comprising Fourteen mukhi rudraksh is surrounded by rudraksha bead of 11 mukhi and 10 mukhi on either... More 

Pendant for Marital Bless

This energised pendant is most auspicious for every married person. Marital Bliss Rudraksh Pendant or Unity Rudraksha Pendent is the powerful combination... More 

Pendant for Meditation

Meditation / Dhyan Yog Pendent is created with the combination of one piece each of 1 Mukhi , 11 Mukhi , 14 Mukhi , Gouri Shankar. This is... More 

Pendant for Protection Power

Protection/ Raksha Power combination comprises of ... 9 Mukhi Rudraksha symbolizes Goddess Durga; it is said that it gives power to its possessor to fight... More 

Pendant for Sampurna Badha Mukti

This Fine Rudraksha combination acts as an obstacle absorber & helps the wearer progress in all fields. This as an excellent tool to obtain the... More 

Pendant for Sampurna Raksha

3 mukhi Rudraksha represents the Fire God & it is said that this Rudraksha helps to lessen the malefic effects of stress, anger, hypertension,... More 

Pendant for Stress Remover

This Rudraksha power combination comprises of one piece each of 6 Mukhi , 3 Mukhi , 4 Mukhi. A combination that helps to gain confidence, focus... More 

Pendant for Vyapar Vriddhi

'Vyapar' means business and 'Vriddhi' means increase. Shri Vyapar Vriddhi Pendant is a must for every Businessmen / Service class person. This Pendant... More